Justin Davis | Owner

Justin Davis, a pastor and registered nurse, has always enjoyed learning about coffee, exploring its taste and understanding the science behind this organic energy booster. Justin developed some health issues and realized that by switching the type of coffee he was drinking it made all the difference. Justin is about the coffee experience. He took his wife on their first date to a coffee shop. They travel to go to local coffee shops. Some of the hardest and best conversations he has had have been over coffee. And you can bet when he was headed into a 12-hour shift at the hospital, he made time for a coffee stop first. His passion for quality coffee and community is real. He has seen in several environments how coffee is used, enjoyed and how necessary it is. Now, he is able to meet people where they are and serve them quality coffee and teach them that fresh coffee is best.


Andy Pitman | head Roaster

Every day you will find Andy in the science of roasting at Broast. He began drinking coffee in college to help himself study and quickly fell in love with finding good coffee and making it the best that he could. Quickly after joining the team at Broast, he began roasting, which completely opened up his coffee obsession. Andy loves being able to work with coffees that come from all over the world, see what makes them unique, and do the best he can to bring out their very best for everyone else to enjoy.

“Coffee has a very special way of connecting me to the people who drink it here in our community, and to people all around the world who grow it, and that’s something that I get to enjoy everyday.” - Andy


Kevin BUrmeister | head barista

“Along with lots of other things, a good cup of coffee makes every day worth celebrating. I feel really lucky to be the one who makes your day a little bit better (and maybe even kind of special) each time you walk through our doors.”

Kevin has over 10 years of experience as a barista and his favorite drink at Broast is a double americano.


Mahala key | barista


Colt elrod | barista

You will always find yourself in a great conversation with Colt. a A cool guy with a fun-loving personality. When Colt is not serving the wonderful customers at Broast, you will find him on some kind of adventure, skateboarding, traveling, fishing, and chilling with his guys. His favorite drink at Broast is our Cold Brew or single origin Cold Brew Reserve we have brewed up.